She Danced in the Rain

November 28, 2011
There once was a girl a long time ago,
She followed her heart didn't go with the flow.

She sang without music
And danced in the rain.
Laughed when she could-
Cried in her pain.

This was a girl unlike any other,
She was the kind who wondered if birds dreamt in color.

She was a dreamer.
A seeker.
A hoper.
A keeper.

She didn't really belong, but she didn't care.
She always had a smile on her face as if walking on air.

She knew the sky wasn't a limit for people like her,
And if others couldn't see it
The loss was theirs.

But more than anything else she wished to fly,
Lift up out of herself and into the sky.
And even after so many years of being told it could never be so,
She held onto her dream, and she never let go.

She never let go of the wish that she'd had for so many years.
She wanted to make a difference,
Wipe away the world's tears.

She knew for you to go far you had to start somewhere,
And for her it would be the homeless man on the corner.

She wouldn't be a person who just passed him by-
The girl didn't understand how people could act like he wasn't alive.

It wasn't anything big just a smile or a nod,
But to the man she was like an angel sent from above.

As the days went by and turned into weeks,
She began to realize that she could overcome great feats.

She set out right then with a goal in mind,
A message to share
With all people, each one, every kind.

She wanted to tell them

Lift up out of yourself and into the sky.
Dream as you dance,
And learn how to fly.

Keep hope in your heart
And learn how to float,
Because life's not easy
And you have to know how to cope.

Never pretend that what you feel isn't real
And once in a while just stop and be still.
Pray for a nameless face that you'll never meet
Be kind to the person you meet on the street.

One day you'll look around and you'll be in the stars,
But don't come back down
Once you get that far.

Sing without music
And dance in the rain.
Laugh when you can
Cry in your pain.

Smile at a stranger,
Hold someones hand.
And think to yourself,
Isn't life grand?

She spread this message all over the world.

To young and old
Each boy, every girl.
So, follow your heart, don't go with the flow,
Remember the girl
From long ago.

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