If I'm crazy, your not sane.

November 28, 2011
You hear them too?
The voices that guide us through our lives.
We are amusement to them.
Pets they control.

Smell, taste,
You know it’s not poison.
But you could never be so unsure,
The way they smiled at you.

Feel the wall,
It’s not there.
This isn’t real.
They are lying to us.

Are you alive?
Are you sure?
Can you feel your heart beat?
Can you smell the pine?
Can you taste chocolate and hear birds?
Can you see their faces in the smoke?

I believe we’re dead.
Do you believe what I believe?
Do you see and hear what I hear?
Do you think I’m crazy?
Are you doubtful of that decision?

Do you not hear your breath stop?
Feel your heart beat slow down and cease?
Do you not see your skin rotting?
I see our skin rotting.

Do you feel your mind move inside your skull?
Do you feel your eyes blind and still see?
Do you die every night as if you never lived?

Do you laugh at all?
Do you know how to live?
How to lie and steal?
Have you ever killed a man?
I have.

What about drugs,
Have you done any drugs?
Taken pills at all in your life?
You think I’m dangerous now?
I’d say I’m only dangerous to those who are also dangerous.

You lock me up,
Stare at me like I’m some freak.
You are the freak sir, not I.
I’m not going to stop screaming.
It lets me know I am still myself.
No one else speaks for me.

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