Summertime Scare

November 28, 2011
By GREN34 BRONZE, Boydton, Virginia
GREN34 BRONZE, Boydton, Virginia
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Sunny days and starry nights
All filled with friends under the moonlight
Couples flirt and crickets chirp
As the sun dies down for the nights birth

Friends gather in the woods
to gossip about their neighborhoods
A fire crackles in the midnight air
As ghost stories are shared

One girl hears an odd sound
Coming from a tree 20 feet from the ground
The brave boys beckon the “beast” to come down
summoning him to come with every growl

The beast does not appear
and the whole crowd hushes with fear
as another cry is heard from above

From hearing the beast’s deafening cries
the children can only think of their demise
they run home to their parents
to tell the tale of the beastly mutants

The author's comments:
Just trying to meet a deadline. This just came to mind

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