Life As I Know It, I Know I Want Succes

November 28, 2011
As i look at the clock every 30 seconds i feel like time is standing still. But I also feel as if time is flying by. I am nervous, i want success, but i worry about not gaining it. Alas i realize i am a strong young woman, and i have confidence in myself. I am mature, and i know what i want to do with my life. but i dont knowif it will happen.I am the only one who can choose to make myself succeed, i have to make good decisions. When i make mistakes i have to fix them and learn from them. I am determined. I long for success in my life and I will push myself top work hardand gain it. life May be difficult sometimes but i have to learn how to face the hard times and stick through them. I am ready to take on any obstacles in that are thrown at me. I believe in myself, and i am the only one that needs to, to help me succeed. I am going to stand up for what i believe in even if I am standing alone.

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