November 19, 2011
By Adrianna.A. SILVER, Bangor, Maine
Adrianna.A. SILVER, Bangor, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
The one thing we can't get enough of is Love. and the one thing we can't give enough of is love.

Boyfriends are just "boy-friends"
that become more than friends
by the heart swirling words that
he says while he speaks.
But boyfriends come and go.
But Boy-friend's last a life time.
Would you want a friend. or just some person that will make you feel good.( when that's what you're friends do) or a person that will last a LIFETIME! A lifetime or laughs and crys giggles and smiles fights and make ups break up and late night movies...
So... Is he a boyfriend or a Boy-friend?

The author's comments:
it sort of explains to me the difference between some one you love and someone you think you love.

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