Sketch me that way

November 19, 2011
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Sketch me in your own way.
Draw short lines.
Give me an attitude.
But you can only draw in the lines.
You can’t change my look.
That’s all mine.
So try to sketch me that way.
It’s hard.
I’ve tried.

Draw me the way you want.
Mold me like clay.
Push me into a ceramic disk,
And I will stay.
Paint me with color.
Paint me bland.
No color added.
Just grey like the sand.

But you can’t change me inside.
You don’t draw 3d.
I am who I am.
And that’s the way it supposed to be.
So sketch me all you want.
Mold me,
Stretch me,
Rip me all you like.
You can try to change me.
Try to create me the way you like.
But I am who I am.
So sketch me that way.
It’s hard.
But try.

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