A pitbulls forsaken soul

November 19, 2011
The restless eyes stare from inside the cage,
a forsaken animal filled with rage.
A strong heart, a stronger will,
a helpless animal forgotten still.
Used purely for sport and game,
the poor beast has nothing to gain.
As the grip on life seems to unravel
The relentless dog is forced into battle.
Clawing and biting, it fights to the death
Fearing with each second may come its last breath.
This abused and misunderstood breed
is left a fraudulent title haunted by chimerical deeds
These are dogs who are not to blame,
Rather the owners who know no shame.
A broken heart, a deserving soul
A wonderful life someone selfishly stole
An old and worn body, wrongly used
This is no longer secret, its animal abuse

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Jazzy1996 said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 9:08 pm
I think this is a really strong poem. its a horrible thing those dogs have to go through and i liked the way you presented it with a poem. i love it.
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