Leaving me on the other shore...

November 19, 2011
Leaving me on the other shore,
You have done it all before
Still I ignored the past
With my heartbeats going too fast
When I felt your lips pressed against mine
When I let our bodies intertwined.

I must have been gone, dreaming
With all the pieces of me remaining
‘Cause this shouldn’t have been our reality
When we barely even made history
So each time I fell asleep
I fell in too quick, I fell too deep
Only these time I fell between your arms.

Again and again you pretended to care
And I followed you, lost and unaware
I didn’t realize I was playing your game
And I was doomed to lose anyway

You left me on the other shore,
I know, you done it all before
So with tears streak gliding down my face
I know I’m never be able to find your trace
But as you go, you live behind
The only one you learned
to love the beast in you

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