JAZP-A Story

November 19, 2011
By JoyForever BRONZE, Irving, Texas
JoyForever BRONZE, Irving, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreamus. Live the life you have imagined."- Henry David Thoreau

Can I really keep taking this?
Can I really just hide within?
I feel so below of
everything and everyone

No longer do I feel special
I remember your words
I remember the joy they brought me
No longer do I hear them,
so far gone, away from me

I don't feel happy
I don't feel joy
Is there any way to fix it?
I don't believe so
All I wanna be, all I wanna do
is be something to someone

Pressure from everywhere
Feeling crushed
Do this, do that; fix his, fix hers
I can't, no more
I'm broken, shattered into pieces
I can't put myself back together
and no one will help me

Lonely I feel, lonely I am
No one around me
can bring a real smile to my face
No on around me
wants to put me back together
No one around me
wants to be the glue

Every word I say
Every thought I speak
Loud and clear, flying with the wind
My words go far beyond
but pay attention to the soft whisper
They are me; it's who I am

Lost, just trying to find my way
Lonely, just take the time to see me
Letdown, don't leave me on my own
when you say you won't
Let go, you're just hurting me
cutting me, leaving scars that will
be forever mine

I wish I could be everything
you want me to be
Just trying to be the most I can
I guess it's just hard to reach,
to be all the way on top
Can I really handle this?
Trying to be everything,
the best daughter, a decent student,
a loving friend, a caring person,
a smart child, a talented musician

Why should I care?Tell me why
Why should I care? I don't know
Why should I care? Tell me why
Why should I care? I don't know
There's no reason,
because there's no one

Don't we all try?
Don't we all cry?
Don't we all?
You are you, and here I am
Just fighting what comes my way
Just trying, always

Will I ever get tired?
Will I ever just quit?
I am who I am;
A story that you gotta,
just gotta keep reading

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