Everyone needs someone

November 22, 2011
By Lavanya SILVER, Chennai, Other
Lavanya SILVER, Chennai, Other
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When Winter comes, can spring be far behind?

What are flowers, if the Sun isn’t there to open them out?
What is the sky, if clouds don’t give it a cute pout?
What is land, if it doesn’t get cleansed of its sins by the rain?
What is a shore, if waves don’t come along to wash away its pain?

The leaves of a tree just stay there, still and silent
Worries crowd their little stomata, making them old and bent
It’s only when the wind comes that they open their eyes to life
Rustling in the relief of the cool breeze that erases all lines of strife.

If the vase of existence falls and cracks
We need someone to come along and tape the pieces back
The cracks may show, the wounds may burn
But at least the tape would give it all the love, for which it yearns

My life, alone, is like a dark room with no light
I need you to come in and set all things right
It’s only with you, sunshine, that I can chase away, of sorrows, the night
Coz it’s only when I’m with you that everything’s fine again, everything’s bright ?

God made not one man, but many
So tat we can help each other live, alleviate sufferings if any
Everyone needs someone to love them and who they can love to every bone,
Everyone needs someone to call their very own.

The author's comments:
Everyone needs someone to love them, and someone who they can love to every bone
Everyone needs someone to call their very own

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