In a Hurry

November 2, 2011
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I slowly open my eyes as the alarm clock screams at me from the night stand
My mom is trying to pull me out of bed with her hand
I stumble down the stairs with my sweater unbuttoned and half a sock on
I didn’t realize I had slept that long
I brush my teeth and comb my hair
Right now I’m so tired I don’t even care
I grab my backpack and kiss my parents good-bye
Jump in the car with a sigh
Start the engine and I’m on my way, driving faster than I should be
An old beat up pick up truck pulls out in front of me
Of course it would be I’m an old man-driving slow- listening to my country station-and looking at the scenery-not caring about a thing in the world
I hit the brakes with my fist curled
I was in the I’m so mad-that I’m going to yell and scream- and have a conversation with myself-kind of moods
I wonder if all men drive like this, learned from a handbook just for dudes
The line of traffic building behind me
I want to roll down my window and yell “I’m in a rush can’t you see?!”
Frustrated I was the steam pouring out of my ears-my face red with anger-my cheeks puffed-and my eyes bugging out of my head
I wish I could go back to bed
Riding his bumper and beeping my horn
Deciding to pass or stay behind this slow poke, I’m torn
I wish I could transfer his car to the end of the traffic line
I just sped through a stop sign
He was the kind of slow driver that I couldn’t afford to be behind
I wish he would turn off his blinker and make up his mind!
He was the type of slow driver-that doesn’t care about how many cars are beeping-ignoring everyone and everything
He thought he was the ruler of the road, the king
Five minutes until the beginning of school, my eyes staring straight ahead
This morning could not get any worse, I think I’m going to go home and straight back to bed

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