I Thought you were my friend......

November 27, 2011
By Anonymous

We were friends ,the type of friends who are just inseparable
not the ones who'll just betray the other one.
We had common likes and dislikes,
had the same taste in music and just by looking at each other's
face we would know what the other one was feeling or thinking.

Have i done anyting to hurt your feeling
s or have done anything to make you sad or angry.
It was the day i felt we were getting apartfrom each other.
You had found a new circle of friends with whom you found yourself to be free and happy.
You said they were just other friends
you just met and I meant more than anything to you.
But no they were not just some other friends they meant something to you especially that girl with hair dyed in the most beautiful shade of brown I had ever seen.You grew close to them and as much as you grew close to them you grew apart from me.

You thought you could trust them with anything , and you did you did trust them with anything including the deepest secrets I shared with you …..

How could you do that???
You told them ,
thinking they would ,just keep it to thmselves and share it with no
one else .But you were wrong and they did share they told it to most half of the school…

You came running towards me in the hallway and said that you were sorry
You apologised to me a several hundred times ,I couldn’t and can’t forgive you
What you did made me hurt and angry ,
and made me ask myself, Could I trust any other person from now on?..
I was shocked ,a bit devastated and was rude to you at that time I thought it served you well
After that I just couldn’t be friends with you any more
You told me many times that you had not expected your friends to cheat on you ..
You never meant to hurt me.

As years have passed by,
I forgive you in the hope you learn a bit from what you did.

I forgive you ,
It’s hard to forget what you did…….

The author's comments:
"I never thought our friendship would end that way"

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