So Sick

November 22, 2011
So sick of hearing these love songs,
So sick of them all being strangely true,
While Reminding me of us, of me and you.
So sick of the silence,
The silence that overtakes me, as sorrow passes through the night.
Looking into your eyes and seeing
Nothing but the an empty reflection staring back at me
So sick of trying to give you the key
For a moment I thought I was whole,
Till you flew straight through me.
So sick of feeling like I was in love with you
I was so in love with you I thought,
till the twisted thoughts came pouring out.
.So sick of circling the same road.
I'm only perfect in my weakness’s, but I know you see how my heart brakes
I hope you feel the disgrace in your mistake.
I'm so sick of these love songs,
So sick of feeling like I'm breaking and falling apart,
So sick how every love song reminds me whats left of my heart

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