Winter's House

November 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Waiting, wondering, watching the windows whiten,
breaking into solitary fragments,
aimlessly tumbling, angry and cold.

We're fighting, defying, battling one another,
impenetrable looks, silent confessions,
screams floating listlessly around the house.

I'm perched light years above our domestic bliss
cynically observing you ignoring.
Boiling, bubbling, barricading,
And all the while, the kettle threatens eruption.

The author's comments:
inspiration - my friend came and poured her heart out to me last night and I felt so bad for her that I decided to write a song to her but it turned into a poem and sounds way different to her story but hey ho :)

It's supposed to be about a relationship gone bad but take it how u like - that's what poetry is x

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