Madness is Genius

November 22, 2011
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I am from red caps and gowns
From earned diplomas and long goodbyes
I am from the sweat on my grandpa’s brow
From the blisters that outline his rough working hands

I am from the streets that shelter the loud and careless
The tagged streets mother is ashamed of
The familiar roads that I will forever feel at ease on

I am from long waits on door steps
From hope packed bags and fulfilled disappointments
I am from an independent woman
Stubborn and fearless
From her broken back and hidden cries

I am from car rides that leave an infinite feel
From daddy’s beer and my energy drink
I am from fight music and good food
To a quiet night that just involves the colors of my mind

I am from my grandma’s gentle touch
With the strokes that put me to sleep
The hum that soothed my fear of the dark
And the dreams she helped create

I am from “Don’t let yourself”,
And be the “bigger person”
From “never let them get to you”
And “all you need is me”

I am from midnight conversations
From truth only stars bring out
From heartbreakers and heart menders
To getting old too quick

I will always long to be in love,
Long to be dreamt of,
Get high off of life,
Get drunk off of options,
Aim for something incredible,
Because I crave to be unforgettable

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