November 22, 2011
I'll point a gun
At my head
As I paint these walls
A new shade of red

I'll take a shot
Ending me
And then you'll know
It's you I'll see

A simple word
It means nothing
Until it's the last you've heard

Life, there's no point
Without you
The last I hear
One. Loud. Boom.

I feel like it's my fault
I don't understand
At least when I'm gone
You'll know where we stand

Fears are never ending
I don't want this anymore
I'm done with living
But I'm not quite sure

Were only 14
Love isn't real
You told me
That's how you feel

I'm not suicidal
Too afraid to commit
Yet at this moment
I'm scared I'll do it

Though these tears
Are things I clearly remember
The words you used to say
I'll be yours, always and forever

What happened to us?
What went wrong?
Why am I left crying?
While you moved along?

Death sounds so tempting
I can't deal
It's my only option
Then no more pain to feel

There's something wrong
No feelings at all
Today I need somebody
To stop me from this fall

If you don't
When I'm all alone
I'm sorry my love
You're on your own

So now it's goodbye
As red covers the wall
Just know
You were my downfall

But in reality
I'm lying on the floor
Barely able to berth
Looking for something to live for

The hardest thing to do
When you can't live from day to day
Is not pulling that trigger
And choosing to stay <3

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