November 22, 2011
One more round
Eight more days
Supposed to take
The pain away

Is it working?
Can you see?
It's hurting us
Including me

See him suffer
Watch him hide
A tear falls down
His cheek as he cries

He says he's fine
I know it's a lie
God says he can
Fix it
But were running
Out of time

What if his solution
Is to make it end

Then I'll have to
Worry about
What to do
When I can't breathe

They say that
It is painless
That death
Can sneak

I'm afraid
For myself
And everyone
Around me

I know my
They try to understand

But it's hard
For them to realize
He's not just Grandpa
He's like my dad

He taught me how
To ride a bike
Throw a baseball
Bowl a strike

So I will
The moments
That I have

Because one breath
Can end it all
If that breath
Goes bad

I'm terrified to
Go to sleep
Monsters, demons
Haunt my dreams

Praying to God
To please help me
Make the aching
Go away
But please, please
Keep him
In one piece

I want to see
The joy he brings
I want to hear
The songs we sing

But when it's all
Said and done
I will have to
Be the one
To say

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