Poison running through your veins

November 22, 2011
By Anonymous

I want to talk about alcohol
How for many people
It consumes their life
Letting it control their life

Alcohol is a monster in a bottle
Waiting for you to take a sip
And another
Till you’re a completely different person
The monster then consumes you
Taking over your ability to be you

I want to talk about the poison
running through your veins
to your heart
to your soul
and to your mind

You no longer know right from wrong
You do things that are wrong
And say things you wouldn’t say

I want to talk about
This poison you sipped and sipped
To get a fix and feed your addiction
This poison controlling your mind and soul

This is not you, not you one bit

You say you’re going to quit
You say this when your sober
We have faith in you,
Believe in you

Till the time comes again
Till you need your fix

You sip on the poison that’s ruining you
Making the people that love you suffer

Can’t you see?
We need you.

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