November 22, 2011
By Anonymous

I want to talk about that moment
Just that moment changed everything
Lost in block holes
Pain through all over my body
Crying as if tears of blood
Open wounds that never heal
Depression arose
Question in my mind “should I or should I not let you go”
Hardest thing is when you cried
Felt as if the world had ended
It was you that made me suffer
Did everything I can to hold on
Failed at it when I lost the feelings
I was alone in the dark
You were gone like missing puzzle in my heart
The lies you made, had turned into anger
Destroying my memories with you
Had no one to go to but my silver can
I relied on things I shouldn’t had
Regret all my own action I had put upon on me
Dying to escape from pain
But pain keeps coming with more pain
How should I escape from this pain?

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