Man's Best Friend

November 22, 2011
By Jaime Curiel SILVER, Commerce City, Colorado
Jaime Curiel SILVER, Commerce City, Colorado
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She’s white and black like an Oreo,
She’s fluffy like a pillow,
She’s so playful and energetic
It’s like her batteries never run out

I take her out for a walk
She refuses
I take her out to use the bathroom
She refuses
I open the door to my room
She runs in like a torpedo

She jumps around
She gets tangled up
In the blankets
She poops on my bed
But I still love her

I give her a bath and
She’s clean for a while
I giver her food and
She gets hungry
Ten minutes later

After a day with her
I realize she’s my dog
She’s young and she’s
My best friend
So it’s true when people say
Dogs are man’s best friend

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