Nobody Knows

November 22, 2011
By Emilio20 BRONZE, Thhornton, Colorado
Emilio20 BRONZE, Thhornton, Colorado
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Nobody knows who I am.
And nobody knows where I am from.
Nobody knows what goes on in my hard headed mind.
They just assume that they know because of my smiles and laughter.
Nobody really knows my true personality.
Nobody knows what I have been through in life.
No one knows if I am happy or not.
They just assume they know because I never tell them the struggles that go on.
Nobody knows if I cry.
Because when I am around anyone that is the only thing I try and hide.
Nobody knows what I want out of life.
Nobody knows if I am a good person or not.
Because they just see the bad things I do not the good things.
Nobody knows if I can ever love, because what they see in my eyes is hate.
Nobody knows were my mistakes will take me.
Nobody knows where my accomplishments will take me.
We can only find out until the end of time.
Nobody knows, and I don’t want them to know.
Let me live my life and you can live yours

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