I am the girl

November 22, 2011
By Maddy Doyle BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
Maddy Doyle BRONZE, Hutchinson, Kansas
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Holding in the castle's lair,
Is a lock of the fairy's hair.
Inside the trees, so sweet and fine,
Are the berries that will poison time.

There's a troll under the bridge and a river, too.
This is the land made especially for you.
On the bark of the tree,
Is a face that holds the key.
The key to the brain, soul and mind,
Because it's wisdom is all you will find.

In the castle's highest peak,
Is a princess, so fair and weak.
She is waiting for him to find her there,
Or maybe climb up her golden hair.

A castle in the muck and mist
Is a jester that is wrongfully dissed.
The king didn't like the jester's song,
So the jester will be locked up for a time so long.

But me, I'm just a little girl, in this mishap of a story,
I try not to complain but they've written this poorly.

I don't have a very big roll,
I'm just a girl that was eaten by the troll.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in like ten minutes, like most of my other pieces. So you may not like it because it's not deep enough but it kind of reminds me of Dr. Seuss. Hope you enjoy it ;)

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