My mind

November 26, 2011
By MissDanielle SILVER, Elizabethton, Tennessee
MissDanielle SILVER, Elizabethton, Tennessee
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Fake it till you Make it<3

if only you could see inside my head

you'd know the reason behind my blank stares

maybe you wouldn't

or maybe you'd care

you'd see why i have a weakened smile

and why i always stare

i don't mean to

its just my minds always running

skipping from place to place

never staying focused on one single face

its as if my thoughts are in a race

i cant keep a steady pace

not even a psychiatrist can solve this case

my mind is a puzzle

trying to solve it's just a waste

like a food to describe

that you can never taste

Ive got the mentality

make you feel like you've left reality

cant see the light

cant see your own fatality

drowning like a kid in my own insanity

taking a loss on my own humanity

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