Nature Is Listening

My house is very small every voice echo off each wall
My parents and my sister hate my singing voice
Only time I can sing is at the peak of dawn, when no one is in the house
I run outside on a random summer morning
I walk into the forest across the street from my house
I wear my pajamas and my worn out Adidas'
There was a small hole on the front of them and I could feel the morning dew making my feet wet
I wasn't cold I was quiet relaxed
The sun beams down on this opening
I walk towards and what do my eye behold me?
A tiny pond with two small waterfalls one bigger then the other
With a lot of dandelions rocking back and forth from the wind.
I was scared at first because this seem to go to be true.
I walked around the edge of the pond and saw a decent amount of fish swimming around in some random pattern and no underwater foliage
That was always one reason I was afraid to step into any type of water structure other than a pool
Just the feel of seaweed and watery plants on my body freaks me out
I took my feet off and put them in the water
It way surprisingly hot
Which is weird the day before it was raining
I took off my shirt and pants and started to enter the water
It was a great thing that I decided to wear shorts under my pajama bottoms
The fish got out of my way
They were not in a rush, they all kept swimming in their continuous circuit only stopping for me
I walked towards the waterfalls that gently fell into the small pond.
It was about six feet deep at the most since I am six feet five inches
I stood behind the larger of the two waterfalls starting to sing a song
I was trying really hard to try to think of more lyrics that I could add to it but nothing came up
They were all looking at me
By they I mean the wildlife around me were
Everything was there: Deer, fawns, rabbits and owls
They were all scattered about through the twenty or thirty pine trees.
There was even a family of moose next to the smaller waterfall staring at me All the trees look very healthy.
I started to sing to myself the verse part of my favorite song I ever wrote
Then nervously I started to sing it for my audience while the birds were trying to sing along with me
"When the world gets dark you turn on the lights"
"Continuing the dance you don't wanna stop"
"Turn the L-l-lights"
"Don't be afraid of the n-n-n-night"
"Just because the sun is down"
"Doesn't mean the light is there"
That's all I got to and my audience was there making noise The moose were making a noise that was hard to describe but they made a noise.
While all the other animals stomped their hoofs on to ground.
Now everyday I wake up just before the sun raises
I run to my stage behind the waterfall and I start singing any song that is on my mind at the time
Also, now I got an audience to listen to me.
It is just another reason I must love mother earth

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RhythmRunner said...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 10:29 pm
IDKY " is there is quiet annoying
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