November 26, 2011
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Why am i so afraid?

Whats so scary about rejection?

is it the thought?

or just the suggestion?

Is it because I'll be alone?

Or is it that I'm just to stoned?

Did i sleep the wrong way?

why didn't you just stay?

Did i try to hard?

Or am i just backwards today?

Did i push you away?

or did you not want me in the first place?

Did i take it upon myself to go fast paced?

we went to fast

i couldn't win the race

i couldn't reach the brakes

you didn't understand my silent warning shakes

what could i do besides watch my world sink?

I could feel you when rejection was on the brink

but you wouldn't see the tears everytI'me i blinked

you no longer stared

you no longer cared

only empty glares

that showed you no longer needed me there

to hold your hand

to fix your heart

to love your mind

and respect your soul

i loved you with all my whole

what did i do to deserve your rejection

is it me

or maybe its just my reflection

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