Why do you write?

November 26, 2011
By MissDanielle SILVER, Elizabethton, Tennessee
MissDanielle SILVER, Elizabethton, Tennessee
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Why do i write?

i write for the feeling

i write for the world to understand the meaning

i write for the people who've never had love in their hands

i write to understand

i write for the people who've loved and lost

so they see its better to love and loose

than never love at all

i write for the lonely

i write for the loved

i write for the people who've gone up above

for the lost and depressed

for the happy and fearless

for the feared and fearful

the ones with nobody near them

i write when it feels good

or when it just plain hurts

i write for the people who got kicked into the dirt

i write to inspire

i write to aspire

ive written short

ive written long

i write to show the world they just might be wrong

where your from dosent define who you are

your mind heart body and soul define your whole

your people define where your from

i write to show people as much as theyve been told they are

theyre not dumb

your only as smart as you let yourself be

i write to show you im not who you think i am

i write to show you this is me

The author's comments:
i inspired myself to write this poem...

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