Things change

November 26, 2011
By MissDanielle SILVER, Elizabethton, Tennessee
MissDanielle SILVER, Elizabethton, Tennessee
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things change

when you leave

things change

when its not meant to be

things dont change

when all i can think about is you an me

and where we should be

we should be sittin in 4th block at Kcentral

holdin hands an laughin

we should be goin on 10 months tomorrows after

a long happy healthy relationship

and all we can do is text a flirtationship?

i should be kickin it with you daily

lovin you like crazy

but all i can do is tell you i miss you baby

oh so much

i think im goin crazy

maybe maybe maybe

where are you when i need you?

in kalamazoo

so far away

with no me an you

it aint all cool

i dont know what to do

all i know is i aint given up on you

i cant

cause without you

im lost

and permanently blue


im just way to confused

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