A Letter For You

November 26, 2011
I love your eyes
I could draw them if I wanted
I have them memorized
You could even say I'm haunted
I love your tan skin
Its so different from mine
You kiss my scars again
And I realize I'm pale white
I love your mouth
Even though I haven't tasted
I can do without for now
Your kiss to me will not go wasted
I love your strong arms
They're the only place I'm safe
In them I can't be harmed
They're my all time favorite place
I love your warm chest
It's my favorite place to sleep
I can lay there for hours
And drift away to the beat
I love your voice
It's my favorite sound to hear
It blocks out all the noise
It's a song that surrounds my tears
I love every bit of you
Every lash, every curl, every scar
Being so perfect is hard to do
But you're good at it so far

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