People Told Me

November 26, 2011
People told me she was dumb
Could not tell the difference between a scalene or equiangular triangle
She did it purpose to see if you were paying attention
I learned from her:
Playing dumb is a good thing at times.

People told me he was a pedophile
Especially when he told someone they had to stay after
He just loved to see people working and doing algebra right
What I learned from him:
Happiness will get you far in your life

People told me he was mean
He walked around cold as ice never once did I see him smile
He would help you if you were nice to him
He was very smart in what he was doing
What I learned from him:
Treat people they way you wanted to be treated

People told me she was very bland.
She does the newspaper and commercials on the TV at my school
She was very theatrical with her talks and when she read with us.
She would also use her journalism skills make English more unique
I learned from her:
Show that you love what your doing

People told me she was shallow.
She was not at all for her first year she was very open especially to me
I help her since I had her for three periods out of the five she was in she would always say thanks would always say to hi to everyone.
She knew that everyone would not like her especially a newbie.
What I learned from her:
You should not care what people think about you

People told me all these people in a negative way
I found them all to be positive in different ways
I knew that I should do what I told you what they taught me
But I did not fully understand it till I had a living example in front of me.

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Resonating_Words said...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 10:21 pm

This poem has a great message, and could itself be a great poem if it weren't dampened by your grammatical mistakes. "She did it purpose" I'm assuming was meant to be "She did it on purpose". There are some other omitted words throughout.

Your stanza about the teacher doing the newspaper and commercials is confusing and seemingly contradictory, but that may just be me. 

Also, you have a set structure, which is good for making a strong point, but you change it slightly. "I l... (more »)

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