My Knight In Shining Armor

November 26, 2011
By MegnMcKnz52 BRONZE, Wasilla, Alaska
MegnMcKnz52 BRONZE, Wasilla, Alaska
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You were my knight in shining armor,
Come to sweep me off my feet.
You were the strongest of them all,
We thought you'd never be beat.

Beautiful blue eyes,
And soft brown hair.
All those damsels in distress,
Would always stop and stare.

But then one day it strolled by,
An illness deadly by itself.
It latched it's teeth into your lungs,
But there had to be help.

Days then weeks then months rolled by,
Still nothing prevailed.
You continued to fight strong,
Unwilling to accept fail.

The pain became suffering,
And we all began pray.
I will never wish this upon anyone else,
It ruins peoples days.

Finally you are at rest,
All your pain has ceased.
You will never be forgotten,
Our lives permanently creased.

You are still my knight in shining armor,
You still sweep me off my feet.
You are still the strongest of them all,
But we all are someday beat.

The author's comments:
This poem is about my boyfriend who just recently passed of cancer

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