November 26, 2011
By Shenkel15 GOLD, Pevely, Missouri
Shenkel15 GOLD, Pevely, Missouri
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Welcome to a celebration of truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things, love.~Moulin Rouge!

Every person has a mask; you have to look beyond the mask to see the person~Unknown

Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there. ~Adam Young

Life is time,
Time for my heart to beat,
In rhythm, in harmony,
Made to be down on paper,
Permanent as permanent be,
Sure as that may seem,
Some nights they [the words] come,
And breathe so heavily,
Coming to life before me,
In places where shadows blacken,
And darkness dances with the light,
Where good and evil exist so plainly,
And love is worth the fight,
I have to break no glass,
To cut my own way through,
No one’s breaking up my fantasy,
Of black and white reflection,
Which I sewed so deep in thought,
Wrapped up in a blanket of,
Something I can’t quite place

So I implore myself profusely,
I wonder who is watching me,
Who so carefully counts my step?
I hope it’s you, I do,
Yes you, the one who makes the whole world smile,
But I am at a loss for words,
Something I have never been before,
But words mean all,
And all are words,
Words that hurt and heal

There are things once great,
That now cannot be mended,
So let there be peace,
As I rest my head tonight,
And fall way off to sleep,
Let the world stop turning,
And people stop singing,
Let me close my eyes and rest,
Never thinking, never feeling,
Dreaming is so close now,
Senses fading from the fingertips,
That were once so sure of place,
But no longer are they so confident,
And as I’ve clearly stated,
No limits to my world there are,
No laws there to be broken,
Such a good idea I fear,
I’ll crush imagination,
In favor of this hope,
Of my perfect world

Honey I don’t know what I want,
Or what you want of me,
For if law is upheld I fear,
I will no longer go down in history,
For my mind will merely be matter,
And I will be nothing

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