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November 26, 2011
By Shenkel15 GOLD, Pevely, Missouri
Shenkel15 GOLD, Pevely, Missouri
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Welcome to a celebration of truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things, love.~Moulin Rouge!

Every person has a mask; you have to look beyond the mask to see the person~Unknown

Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there. ~Adam Young

The only sign of life,
Isn’t just your heart beating,
Or your lips taking in breath,
Or your eyes rejoicing in sight,
Oh yes, my dear reader,
Life is so much more than that,
It is in itself a thing,
An entity unlike any other,
It is priceless to behold,
Especially as your own,
Those who can’t possess it desire it,
More than anything else in the world,
And those who have it in their prime,
Want to be rid of it entirely,
To lie with nothing but a dream,
To be completely idle in their minds,
I know because I am alive myself,
In the most painful, wonderful state,
Trust me, reader; I have learned the hard way,
That to live is so much more than to die,
And so my emotions take me on a ride,
Sometimes way up high,
Sometimes way down low,
To Heaven, to Hell, to somewhere unpredictably so,
I will never know quite how it goes,
Though I have gotten a taste of life already,
Sometimes I want more,
Especially if the feelings are shared,
In happiness and in joy,
With another human being,
In a glorious moment where,
Our hearts both beat as one,
But in sorrow and sickness too,
Can we be joined together,
And that is what life is,
Feeling and emotion,
Taking the good and bad in stride,
Losing your mind every once and awhile,
Staggering on the point of madness,
And then coming back to being,
Almost insane with a happiness,
That you received from no one,
Nowhere, nobody at all,
But yourself,
This is life, good reader,
If you get nothing, feel nothing, are nothing,
Then you must not be alive,
For emotion is the very definition,
Of what life was, is, and will be

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