November 26, 2011
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What motives are we given to live?
And what of those to love?

Whose to say we'll ever succeed?
Or ever rise above?

What inspiration do we get from living?
What joy comes from death?

Can we not find light in the darkness?
Then why is it that we're so careless?

Careless in our daily lives...
Careless about how we love...

Would it make a difference
if we were careless as doves?

Soaring through the skies...
Slipping through the rain...

Yet can we not get stuck
In the engine of a plane?

Why are we so careless?
Why don't we take the time

To say what's mine is yours
Instead of what's mine is mine

The difference made by caring
If left perfectly in tact

Proves to be much greater
Than ten times the likes of that

That which has no value
Those who have no fear

If you are so dauntless
Why are you afraid to care??

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RosadeAmor said...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 8:37 pm
Please comment & Check out my other poems!! Thanx
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