feel as i do

November 25, 2011
do you feel as I do?
when we touch
when you hold me
that a wave of summertime crashes through the snow?
is it wrong
that i hang on every word you speak to me,
seal every memory of ours away in a box to be opened when you're no longer mine?
on that distant day
when i no longer can ask you where you are, who you're with, what's going on with her?
i dread that day
when i no longer have you to worry about
no longer have you to make me cry and make me laugh
when you'll have another girl to send you love letters
and wear your jacket

do you feel as i do?
will you always love me
like i will always love you?

will you keep me in an airtight pocket in the center of your heart so that i may never leave?

do i make you happy?
do you feel as i do?

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