They Say True Love

November 25, 2011
They say true love,
Is forever.
What they don’t say,
Just may kill you.
An addiction,
An overdose.
Words on a page,
Words in passing.
Moments too brief.
Kisses so sweet.
Touching closely.
Being with her.
Leaving her behind.
Never understanding
It’s a cruel trick
That leaves me cold.
How do I return?
I’ve hurt her too
Many times for
I’m sorry.
She has him now.
More thoughts of hate,
A few more pills.
Just to kill the pain.
I said never again,
Yet here I am.
I want to touch
Her again.
In this drunken stupor,
I dream about her
The way she smelled.
How she looked
When laughing.
That beautiful smile
That lit up my world.
Karma returned to me,
And like the Beast
I’m cursed.
Out of my mind
And in pain,
I dream of yesterday,
And dread tomorrow.

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BeyondTheBrooke said...
Nov. 29, 2011 at 11:27 pm
like i said before....AMAZING!!!! this is simply amazing darkprince :)
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