A Promise Please?

November 25, 2011
By MadisonHockaday SILVER, Alton, Illinois
MadisonHockaday SILVER, Alton, Illinois
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Give me a ring
Place it upon my finger
weather its marriage or just a promise
One day you'll see me in a dress of white
weather its for a wedding or just a dance
One day you'll kiss me
weather its after an I do or a date
Give me my first dance
weather its our first or just in the rain
Write me a letter
weather its the one I wont read till I'm older one I'll tuck under my pillow
I know we're young but baby
get this through your head
I wont leave you
I love you
I don't care what the statistics are
I don't live my life on graphs and diagrams
who cares what people say
I know this is crazy
I know I'm asking a lot
But I don't care about fate and destiny
but one day
Will you do all these things?
Give me a ring, with a promise
dance with me in the rain on our wedding day
kiss me on our first wedding date
Write me a letter, I'll read it everyday
I love you
Don't leave me
no matter what you do
Ill stay with you

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