Because of you

November 25, 2011
the lies you told me i could've cared less but i didn't why'd you do this to me Why?! I had a good life now tears are striking out of me my space is corrupted my life is turbulent your life is perfect God hold me because you make me cry I can't hold it in no more and I can't stand it I can't get close to anyone because of you Im dying inside it just hurts so much. for christmas i want you gone i want to forget but i gave you the chance but you took advantage of it, you pranked me you took advantage of me. Because of you I had no time to be a kid now I am a grownup on the inside and I can't stand it now I cry and cry everyday because of you brother.... Because of you. You make me feel like it's my fault like i'm ugly and men stare at me like i've got something for them

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