November 25, 2011
By fallenbutterfly SILVER, Belton, Missouri
fallenbutterfly SILVER, Belton, Missouri
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you've gotta live to die...

sidewalk, grey, hard, rough, against my face. I've fallen, maybe i tripped or maybee i was pushed. maybee someone hates me, maybee someone loves me. maybe someone is going to help me. or maybe they'll just watch me lay here. my life is over, this fall has taken my life. i don't even know how i got here. maybe there was a car. maybe more people are dead too. maybe i killed them. was i driving? did i take more lives than my own. then it was all there. right in the front of my mind. i was driving i had one to many beers... and hit a car. then i realized i wasn't the one who drove the car, it was a guy, who hit my car, i died because another person made a horrible choice to drink and drive.. and now my life is over...

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