My Love Lost

November 25, 2011
By albanke4 BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
albanke4 BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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She will burn me from the inside out,
Walking down the hall, towards him,
My heart is begging, shouting at her to stop,
But I know I am invisible to her eyes; to her heart,
I stand, glued to my locker, doing nothing and letting all of this happen,
My worn-out shoes tap against the cold, hard floor as she walks,
closer and closer,

It’s like I am not even there,
Just yesterday we were talking,
She, in her pink sweatshirt and dirty-blonde hair,
Laughing at all my jokes, twirling her hair around her finger,
Sparkling brown eyes, joy in them every time I see her,
Now, I am nothing to her,
She brushes beside me, smelling like a rose,
Not even looking at me or saying hi,
My heart is in pain, beating louder and louder, I can almost hear it,
She hands him a gift
He smiles and she returns one with blushing red cheeks, as if it’s snowing,
He accepts the gift,
She walks off holding his hand,
My best friend

The author's comments:
I enjoyed writing this poem. This poem made me feel sad for the boy. You, the reader, also possibly feel sad for him. This writing piece can make people feel either angry at the girl or sad for the boy.

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