Behind Green Eyelids

November 25, 2011
By wonderwall. BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Missouri
wonderwall. BRONZE, Cedar Hill, Missouri
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"Remember how I found you there, alone in your electric chair? I told you dirty jokes until you smiled."-Billy Joel.

False sincerity,
jaded truths
wait beyond
these twisted roots.
Behind green eyelids,
below the fear
of another memory,
of another year.
I wait for happy,
I wait for calm,
I wait for you
to make me strong.
I hope for laughter,
I wish a way doubt.
I hope for smiles
but still you pout.
Secrets whispered,
secrets told.
Played the game
until the game got old.
Skies awaken
and rain pours down.
What was once your grin
becomes my frown.
It's all an act,
it's all a dream,
it's all a part
of your clueless scheme.
Ignorance gives way
to cheerful bliss.
I don't believe it gets
much better than this.
You lit the fire
but the wood was wet.
I listened to you;
my biggest regret.
Suddenly aware
of all you said
I open green eyelids
and you're out of my head.
Real sincerity,
hopeful truths
wait beyond
these growing roots.

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