Chaotic Purpose

November 25, 2011
By C.Brooke SILVER, Roseville, California
C.Brooke SILVER, Roseville, California
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Mesmerized by the beauty, i stare out my window as the world passes me by. Weaving in and out of my troubles, contemplating the lives of the people I do not know. The trees with their arms out stretched guarding me like a military force. Memories of your skin flood my disastrous mind, forcing shut my eyes with the feeling of empty hearts and empty beds. Like the barren sheets call out to me I hear your voice, with out stretched arms I reach for what is no longer there. My body is cold against this silk, the imprint you left still presides. I watch these cars pass by and wonder of their hearts, what would they choose? The darkness takes over, pushing out the suns rays. The clouds pour in layer by layer, a thick black filling the sky. The beauty I can still see among the creeping shadows. Your breath is hot against my frozen skin. The locks broken, the promises they echo off these white walls that surround. Your heartbeat booms in my head, leaving me dizzy. I have nothing left. The king of thieves ive named you., my heart you've taken, my soul you've kept. The preessure against my hand as you slip yours through, pressing down your weight. My breath is short, I can see it in the air. Forgiven sins, replenished lies I can see they stain your face. Your mask is ridden, your scars apparent under this harsh light. The clouds are closing in, the darkness moving closer to our hearts, taking over our minds. Your lips graze my flesh, meeting mine. It's all gone now, echoes in the air. The darkness shutting out the world around us, sucking out the life. The fires begin, the flames they burn, they smother and engross The beauty transcendent, seen through the dark plunders of abyss and the madness that control our thoughts.

The author's comments:
Take from it what you feel, what you see...what it means to you.

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