People in the Walls

November 25, 2011
By Beakerz1996 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
Beakerz1996 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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"nothing lasts forever, enjoy it while you can cause it won't be there tomorrow.."

Tap, tap, tap
they rap on the wall
wanting in, wanting warmth

They groan and moan
for acceptance for understanding

Bang, bang, bang
on the wooden door
to bring fear and hostility
to a soul

Tap, tap, tap,
they rap on the door
clawing their way in
clawing away for freedom

People in the walls
trapped forever
earthbound by their troubles

People in the walls
sitting in the darkness
feeding off of the musty air and mildew

They groan and moan
in the middle of the night
to be safe in a bed

They see your dreaming
and they crawl through the ceiling into your dreams

Tap, Tap, Tap
they go into your mind
stealing memories

People in the walls
slowly cause insanity

People in the walls wake you up in the middle of the night
giving off insomnia and fear

The people in the walls
beg you to join them

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