Beautiful Memories

November 24, 2011
By NUMBER27 BRONZE, Kearney, Missouri
NUMBER27 BRONZE, Kearney, Missouri
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When I'm with him,
Everything seems to slow down,
As if time itself has stopped,
It's been too long since I've seen his face,
His eyes twinkle,
I know he's thinking the same thing,
The way his deep ocean eyes look at me,
Make me feel like I can conquer the world,
I feel invincible by his side,
"You're so beautiful," he tells me over and over.
A smile escapes and fills my face every time,
He always has that effect on me,
Sitting on the couch cuddling,
That's how I want to spend the weekend,
Nothing could be more perfect than this,
As if reading my mind,
We both look at each other,
He leans in slowly and I close my eyes,
A million thoughts flood my mind,
Making me feel nervous,
His lips meet mine,
A firework show explodes in my chest,
A simple kiss, but yet my heart speeds up,
I open my eyes,
We're sharing the same smile,
"Baby, you're so beautiful."

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