November 24, 2011
By dylansenters BRONZE, Houston, Texas
dylansenters BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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People say the sky is the limit, but you create your own ceiling
Well I set my ceiling past the sky, to show that I can escape this feeling
The feeling of being inept, brought on by people of doubt
Who everyday try to stop you from going all out

The world is trying to knock you down, but don't let that be your end
Battle your way to the top, so you can feel what it's like to stand up again
Struggle can overcome you like the darkness of the night
Just become like the sun, breakthrough and show your light

Anyone can achieve their hearts greatest desire
Make yourself the gasoline, and ignite your own fire
Visualize yourself accomplishing your biggest dreams
As you achieve more and more it will simply become a theme

For me the boundries infinite, no one can hold me back
I'm not a violent person, but if you try to stop me I'll attack
I won't attack you, I'll attack the lofty goal I set at hand
Driven by a hunger to prove to everyone that I can accomplish what I can

The only one who knows what I'm capable of is watching from above
He sends me the courage to surpass expectations with his everlasting love
I use the faith he has in me as my only inspiration
Knowing I'm capable of anything was my greatest realization

The author's comments:
This poem is about overcoming anything to acheive your goals.

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