Night and Day

November 24, 2011
Still fading away
the setting sun
watch it sink
The light shall
burn my eyes

So quickly
it appears to fall
Taking away
the colors
So full of beauty

Stars shining
out now
above me
So far away
So little
for me to see
In the city

They hide
from our lights
of our loud noise
and speed
Time for us
Too long

Too quick
for the stars
Shining above
until the sun
Comes to play
rising to peak
the hills

Lay across the
valley to kiss
the grass
grown for him

Dancing across
the sky in an
endless circle
looking for the moon
chasing him too

fading away
he falls so slow
The moon falling from the
other side
give me a night
still he falls
still fading away
the setting sun

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