November 26, 2011
Friends is just another word
for family the ones that are
the smartest, funniest, and weirdesr
the ones without an expiration date
the ones that are forever young
and young forever friends is another word for an eternity of laughter
and caring of sorts making fun
of each other isn't that what
your supposed to do anyway?
having inside jokes like dingo
making epic fails liking
the same kinds of music like
Metallica, Breaking Benjamin,
and The Beatles getting on each others nerves by repeating things
also complaining about the same
things which in that case is so
Thomas saying,"My a** still hurts
from Kayla kneeing me I think
I have a bruise." Also me complaining
that Thomas talks to much
and saying,"Do you ever shut up?."
Also threatening to not be
each others friend if we don't stop
Friends is another word for
family that's why were here

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