Creation At It's Finest

November 24, 2011
By hmoulton SILVER, London, Other
hmoulton SILVER, London, Other
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smile like the sun, eyes like rain,
something about him sends shocks through my heart with just one glance
skin like porcelain, pale almost colorless, delicate and cold, no scratches, no bumps, no imperfections
his voice like gin, always seems to give me an extra boost of needed confidence
when he talks, people listen, captivating, motivating,the closest thing to perfect
his smell is fresh, and thats not kayne fresh
smarter than einstien, more suave than james dean
cynical, yet optimistic
blameless, yet at times guilty
may seem dull at a glance, but thrilling during a chat
my personal drug, my permanent high, creation at it's finest.

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