What Do You See?

November 24, 2011
By Lalatheeprincess BRONZE, Erlanger, Kentucky
Lalatheeprincess BRONZE, Erlanger, Kentucky
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"Do not let something you can not do stop you from doing something you can do!"

She stares at me with contempt in her eyes as I walk in
She finds out I’m new and I have transferred from a place she thinks of as “ghetto”.
She looks over at me with accusing eyes
Expecting to see scenes of outburst because of my troubled childhood.
She expects to see with those pitying eyes
That I have lain in a corner crying because I wasn’t loved enough.
She drills holes in me with those I’m-better-than-you eyes
Imagining that I received no kisses or hugs from a mother and father as she had.
I begin to speak….
She closes her judging eyes
For the first time she begins to listen, she hears a story far different than the one she has imagined.
She gawks at me with those astonished eyes
She realizes what she is looking for will not be found in me.
Now those eyes which were once filled with animosity are filled with admiration
Eyes once filled with disapproval, now filled with fascination.
Those eyes, those eyes, those judging eyes
Now filled with shame for being ignorant.
Remember, you Boone County Rebel,
With those eyes you can’t see what is real, only superficial.

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