Looking On The Other Side

November 24, 2011
By BeautifulWriter224 BRONZE, Tiverton, Rhode Island
BeautifulWriter224 BRONZE, Tiverton, Rhode Island
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'Cause you can say many things but what's written in black and white are what matters most.

I guess, when I finally look at you I realize what its like to be on the other side.

You lose yourself in your pain, drowning in the guilt.

You want to find a way out, trying to swim back to shore but all those emotions pull you back in, the tide of life.

You say all these words, trying so hard to fix things but its not me you should be talking to, its her.

I used to believe in the things you said and realized you were just lost, confused, and hurt.

The day you finally swim back is the day everything for you will be gone because you stopped trying, you're drowning inside.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about one of my friends, who made a mistake and is trying really hard to fix it. When I looked at him, it reminded me of myself and how I'm going through a hard time and I realized that if I don't fight back I'll just go back to where I don't belong, in the dark.

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