my love it what it seem

November 24, 2011
is it what it seems ..
is it like in movies and magazines
is it sweet or does it hurts ..
well my love ..
it felt like a mistake
it wasn't so great .
i felt so cheated and used mostly verbally abused..
my love i know it was wrong ..
but through it all i was strong ..
i don't call it love i call it a game maybe even pain..
my love it lost .. its gone .. its threw..
i haven't loved in a while so I'm curious to know..
is it what its seems ..
is it like movies or magazines..
is it sweet or is it pain..
if i give it another try what will i gain ..
so what is love ..
is it what it seems..
next time i love again i hope its like fantasies and dreams...

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delicious monnae:P said...
Nov. 30, 2011 at 5:48 pm
i think this is a really good poem .. you should post more !
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